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This was a personal project that I did to see if I could bring a product to market on my own from start to finish. It was a pretty educational process, where I did everything ranging from the iterative design the book, the print layout, website design and development, e-commerce integration, and a little bit of marketing. You can learn more over on the pocket planner page.

This is a simple but useful page of curated Youtube channels, with content that I think is ok for kids. I made it with my own kids in mind. There's a lot of good content on Youtube, but I think everyone needs a little help in figuring out where it's at. This is my effort to do that:

Parent-Technophobe Newsletter

A recent experiment which I may or may not see through. Since my days of being a tech journalist, I've given a lot of reflection to my own relationship with technology -- and more specifically, with smartphones and social media. With this newsletter, I hope to explore a little bit of that, but from the point of view of a new parent who has to decide how and when to introduce technology to my kids.