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IBM Digital Studio Tokyo

IBM Studios is a worldwide network of creative studios that apply data, technology, and agile methods to the crafting of digital experiences. Contracted from Havas for one year (it turned out to be a year and 4 months due to an extra project) I led Content Strategy for the Tokyo Studio on an Agile team. I worked on numerous internal projects at IBM, including those listed below. I worked side by side with developers and designers on all projects, working on planning, implementation, testing, QA, and promotion.

Below are some of the projects our team worked on:

Web app: SalesConnect GO

The SalesConnect GO project involved building a web app that curates and aggregates legacy content from IBM’s vast intranet (the largest intranet in the world!) to serve it to IBM sellers based on their current sales opportunities or relevant industries. My team's work on this project was honored with IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Performance Integration Award for 2014. As content strategist, my role was to consider potential data sources, prioritize their presentation, and also market the app internally. Below is a video demo that I produced to communicate functionality of SalesConnect Go.

Web app: Interactive Buyer Journey

Our team was tasked with creating a buyer journey for key IBM Cloud properties, SoftLayer and Bluemix. Specifically, it was to be an end-to-end journey, from initial phases of 'discovery' to final phases of 'adoption' and 'advocacy'. Typically when this sort of exercise is done at IBM, it takes the form of a very big/wide spreadsheet. I suggested we turn that model on its side, for a vertical timeline presentation. The project is built on Angular JS, with much of the key content presented as bite-size recorded screencasts of the user navigating our web properties, so stakeholders could observe their experiences as well as any frustrations.

interactive buyer journey

Microsite: Industry Solutions Academy

In preparation for IBM's Industry Solution Academy event at Yokohama Pacifico (January 16th), we were asked to assist in the creation of a microsite to showcase industry content (to IBM participants) in both English and Japanese. The content would be written by an IBM partner agency in the US, and would be translated by IBM Japan. Myself and a developer colleague created the Industry Solution Academy website to house this content, and oversaw the document creation/translation workflow to avoid version conflicts with agency authors/translators, edits, and automated HTML conversion. We volunteered to do this in addition to our primary work, and our main input was creating a document-to-website conversion script, and guiding the translation workflow on Basecamp.

I put together a brief Markdown-based syntax style guide for agency writers and translators who would be composing the source text documents, to ensure that their inputted syntax was appropriate and mistake free, ready for HTML conversion with our script. The project began in October with no content written at that point, and our deadline was November 17th. So this was a very quick project, perhaps 5 weeks in total. There is content for six industries, in both English and Japanese.

industry solutions academy